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Címlap Online entry - how-to?
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2012. április 13. péntek, 20:20

Some simple steps, and your entry is done with the help of our online entry system. Please follow the below steps:

1. Register owner

(If you have already registered or if you already have your account from our portal years ago, you can skip this step)

  • On the Login menu on your lower left hand side, click Register.
  • Fill in all fields with your appropriate data then click Register.
  • You will receive an automated system email message to your email address previously provided. Your account will only be activated if you click on the link in the email or copy it into your browser address line and open the page.
  • After successful activation, log in with your user name and password.
  • On your right hand side, under the animated picture, the menu Online entry becomes active. 
  • In menu Profile provide your additional data needed for the entry and catalogue creation. If you have a valid membership at MEOE Hungarian Kennel Club or contractual partner, please upload the picture of your membership card. The file size shall not exceed 300 KB and should be in .jpg format.

    If your membership card is valid in our Association, it is advised to send an email to Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse. about your registration since the portal provides exclusive services to the members of the Association (activation can only be performed by Administrator, which will happen after receipt of the email).

2. Register dog(s)

(If you have already registered your dogs, even years ago, you can skip this step).

  • In the Online nevezés / Entry menu, click Dog’s registration.
  • You will arrive to a form where you need to provide your dog’s data: name, breed, parents, date of birth, registration number, breeder, and you need to upload pictures of the pedigree (both sides). Here again, the max. size of the photo shall not exceed 300 KB and should be in .jpg format.

    For members of our Association
    , we created an extended form: you can add all ancestors in your dog’s pedigree and upload photo as well. With this you will create a complete website of your dog with photos, data, pedigree information. For security reasons, you have 30 minutes to finish your dog’s registration. During this period, please enter something in each field and save it, you will be able to modify your data/picture later. 

    In your entry, the system will show your profiles data for the owner’s data.

    Please do not enter championships and titles in your dog’s name field because these information will automatically appear at the name of the dog, after you have uploaded the championship documents.

3. Register Championship/titles (for entry into Champion class)

  • If you wish to enter your dog into Champion class, you first need to enter Championship/titles information. In the Online entry menu, click Enter Championate. After opening the form, select the dog for which you wish to enter championship information. Provide Date of Certificate (date printed on the document), this cannot be later than the date of entry. Select Type of championate from the list and select Country (except for International Champion). Finally, upload the picture of the Championship document (again, max. 300 KB, format: .jpg).

    Members of our Association can gain points for the Club Star and Top 10 competitions.

4. Enter for a Show

  • From the On-line nevezés / Entry menu click On-line nevezés / Show Reg. In the form you’ll see your Owner data previously provided, they can be modified. Modifications will apply to all previously sent entries!
  • Choose a Show from the list.
  • Choose a Dog from the list. The system performs automated checks and if the dog selected has not yet been entered for the show selected, you’ll receive green feedback, otherwise red.
  • You’ll see the dog’s data, and then select Class. Only those classes are active to which the selected dog can be entered. When defining age, the basis is the day of the judging.
  • Select payment method. The system will automatically calculate the sum to be paid. Residents of Hungary can only pay in HUF via bank transfer or rose cheque. Foreigners can only pay in EUR, via bank transfer or on site. In case of bank transfer an extra 4 EUR will be added as Hungarian bank cost for every transfer, if you pay on the spot you’ll need to add an extra 10 EUR for every dog.
  • After finishing your dog’s entry, an automated information email will be sent to your email address. Should you see any errors in data, please send an email to Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse.

5. Upload Proof of Payment

  • After you have paid the entry fee, on the On-line nevezés / Entry menu click on Upload Proof of Payment. Select show, enter sum and currency, and then upload the picture of the document (again in .jpg format, max size 300 KB).

6. Confirmation

  • After the entry deadline, we’ll send a confirmation of your entry in email format only which will contain the method of receiving the start number, the remaining entry fee (if applicable), the entry ticket and the catalogue voucher. 

You can continuously check the actual status of your entry, the entry fee arrival and the uploaded proof of payment at the Online nevezés / Online entry menu Nevezéseim / My entries page. You can use at the Online nevezés / Online entry menu the Statistic of Entries.

Translation: Andrea Leidl

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